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IMPORTANT: Annual Mtg time change
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Happy Saturday, everyone!

After looking at the minutes and talking with Jonathan (prez), Jim (weatherman), and Dana (host). We will have the potluck and meeting beginning at 12 noon (or shortly after, as some churchgoers may still be leaving) and the ride (if one happens) will follow the meeting (also allowing time for the pavement to dry out). 

Rather than keeping the church waiting for a (likely, based on the forecast) answer about the time and possibly changing it for our members, the agreement was made to "flip" the times. (Although, I don't know if the ride will start at 2:30 or earlier. I'm trying to recall how long the meetings have been the last couple of years.) 

We wanted to allow for more time to let everyone know of the change and plan accordingly. 

The meeting will be held inside the church, like last year. 

We hope you attend the annual meeting! 

All the best!  

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