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Weather Permitting - Sent Out Community Church @ 9...
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Good afternoon!


Well, the forecast looks exactly like last Friday’s forecast’ and we did not learn our lesson.


So, here we go again:


40 Miles, 16-18 MPH pace with regroup from time to time. Short break about half-way through the ride.


Route to be determined when we see who shows up.



Looking forward to Sunday morning, we plan to ride from Columbiaville up to Millington or perhaps to Frankenmuth at 9:00 AM.


Porta-Potties are available at the trailhead.


Again, let’s see who is shows up Sunday morning and we’ll select a route.


Millington is about 40 some miles and Frankenmuth is approximately 60.



Hope to see you both mornings.


Take care,

Lee Maxwell



Here’s Columbiaville to McPherson’s ( I believe they are closed on Sunday)



Here’s a route to Frankenmuth:


Theirs is a stop in Frankenmuth at Zehnder’s Café downstairs in the basement.



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